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December 2, 2006

Fedora Core 6: Multimedia Support

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Every major Linux distribution available has a policy on shipping MP3 and DVD playback capability. Inexperienced Linux users coming from a proprietary operating system may find this frustrating and confusing. The reason why MP# and DVD playback is not available in the default shipped Fedora distribution can be read at the Fedora Wiki multimedia page:

Fedora Core and Fedora Extras cannot include support for MP3 or DVD video playback or recording. The MP3 formats are patented, and the patent holders have not provided the necessary licenses. DVD video formats are patented and equipped with an encryption scheme. The patent holders have not provided the necessary licenses, and the code needed to decrypt CSS-encrypted discs may violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a copyright law of the United States. Fedora also excludes other multimedia software due to patent, copyright or license restrictions, including Adobe’s Flash Player and and Real Media’s Real Player.

But one can install third party software to gain MP3 and DVD playback functionality

I personally favor to acquire multimedia capability beyond what is available by default in Fedora Core 6.

To add the freshrpm repository to yum simply do this as root:

rpm –import


rpm -ivh

Now you can add multimedia support by using yum:

yum install dvdrip faac ffmpeg gstreamer-ffmpeg gstreamer-plugins-ugly lame libdca libdvdpsi libdvdcss libdvdnav libdvdplay libdvdread libfame libmad libmms libmpeg3 libopendaap libquicktime lsdvd mmsrip mplayer mplayer-fonts mplayerplug-in mplayer-skins vlc xmms-mp3 xmms-wma

This will install everything you need and if any dependancies are needed those as well.

Since Totem won’t actually play DVD’s one can easily setup gnome to use Xine to play DVD’s when they are inserted. Just issue this command in a shell:

gconftool-2 –set /desktop/gnome/volume_manager/autoplay_dvd_command \
‘xine –auto-play –auto-scan dvd’ –type=’string’



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