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December 27, 2006

Fedora Core 6: Living Stock Fedora

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I’ve always wondered what it would be like to run a virgin install of Fedora Core 6 to see how well I could get along in my daily computing needs.

This will be, for me, a test of how well F/OSS software can impact my life without resorting to third party yum repositories for software unavailable from Fedora.

That being said there is one area where I cannot avoid using non-free software. WiFi drivers. I can do without most anything requiring non-free software. However connectivity is currently not one of them because of the limited connectivity nature of my profession.

Had I only needed connectivity from home this would be no problem.

I will be using the ipw3945 rpms from Freshrpms. In fact I am really unsure if this non-F/OSS from reading the license for these WiFi drivers. Either way these ipw3945 rpms are not part of the Fedora Core distribution so this disclaimer is still valid. If you are interested you may read the ipw3945 software license for yourself.

So. I’ve formatted my laptop and reinstalled Fedora Core 6 without all the third party addons. I’m only using software from the core, updates, and extras repositories (except for the ipw3945 software I mentioned earlier). I’ll post back periodically to report my successes and challenges and what I did about them.


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  1. After several months of ‘Living Stock Fedora’ by utilizing only software available from Official Fedora Core 6 repositories I am pleased to announce that my daily computing needs were met with no problems.

    There were/are little annoyances/inconveniences concerning multimedia and flash that could be a show-stopper for many.

    Multimedia and Flash:
    I found it somewhat annoying and frustrating when trying to view DVD’s and some online content that require non-free plugins.

    While DVD playback is pretty much impossible without third party software I did manage to serve my needs without all the ‘Flash’ enabled websites. Most have a non-flash version.

    Where a non-flash version was not available I was still able to get most of the content from text. I do agree that reading about something does not have the impact that a flash video delivers.

    In my opinion Linux distros must do something dramatic to enable the continued growth of linux desktop adoption. I’ve read that Linspire and Ubuntu may/will/do have methods available to legally aquire the necessary multimedia software on the linux platform. Flash is freely available without cost even though it is proprietary.

    In conclusion I can say Fedora Core 6 is certainly ‘livable’ as a primary desktop ‘as is’. However, it does need to be more ‘livable’ in regard to all things multimedia.

    Comment by Scott Kindley — May 2, 2007 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

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