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January 27, 2007

Linux Blogs: Most Lack Originality

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Regardless of ones position on copyrights it is generally safe to assume the vast majority of people find cut-n-paste journalism distasteful.

Now imagine the displeasure that would be shown should one cut-n-paste someone’s GPL’d code without following the GPL.

Both cut-n-paste journalism and cut-n-paste coding are rather sad. Most of the blogs about Linux, that I find, tend to be nothing more than plagiarism.

I realize and freely understand that fair use allows for some quoting but when the entire article is republished verbatum the entire linux blogging community suffers a blow to credibility. Why are there so few original blogs about Linux?

I reject the idea of “Linux News Aggregation” as well. If one were to host an actual aggregation of linux news one would think the credits would be posted right at the beginning of the “so-called” article. Legitimate aggregators will cite their sources and there is no way to mistake that the source of the news came from a third party. This is not happening with the majority of Linux blogs. Most are simply link farms.

What are your thoughts?


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