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October 31, 2007

An Open Letter from François of Mandriva

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On October 30, 2007 Mandriva announced that the Nigerian government selected the Intel powered Classmate PC loaded with Mandriva Linux for a pilot program within their educational system.

Today there is a blog post by Mandriva CEO François Bancilhon indicating that while Nigeria bought the computers loaded with a customized Mandriva distribution it will wipe and install Windows. The blog post is titled An open letter to Steve Ballmer.

I have published my article on this subject under Linux, FOSS, Open Source, and Living Linux because I think this illustrates what F/OSS companies sometimes deal with in the marketplace.

However, I must note that there is a huge problem with Mr. Bancilhon’s post. It is chock full of emotion but leaves out details and facts supporting the thinly veiled claim of impropriety.

Read on for a full quote…



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