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November 29, 2007

Fedora Project: Join Fedora

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Have you ever wanted to contribute to Fedora Project? If so take a moment to Join Fedora.

You don’t have to be a programmer to participate or contribute. The Fedora Project welcomes Designers, People Persons, Content Writers, and Translators to complement those who can develop the operating system or handle web development.

There are other ways to conribute to the Fedora Project as well.

Become a Fedora Ambassador in your location.

Sponsored Media Project is a great way to give the distro to someone who needs it. Distribute Fedora DVD or CD media for free to individuals when someone sponsors the cost of that physical media with a vendor.

Make a donation to the Fedora Free Media Program.

Become a Fedora Mirror.


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  1. I was a Fedora Ambassador from Bangladesh, but I retired after a year since I got involved with Ubuntu.

    Anyway, I added your blog to our Linux Blog Aggregator @ hope it’s OK with you.

    Comment by russelljohn — December 18, 2007 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

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