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January 4, 2008

Fedora 8: Fedora Electronic Lab Live CD

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I’ve run across a specialized spin of Fedora 8 specifically tailored to Micro-Nano Electronic Engineering. A brief description of the specialized live spin can be found on the Fedora Electronic Lab website.

The Fedora Electronic Lab is run by Chitlesh Goorah who was one of the guys who worked on Kadischi, which is the very first attempt at a Fedora Live CD codebase.

“Fedora Electronic Lab” targets mainly the Micro-Nano Electronic Engineering field. It introduces:

  • tools for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design Flow process to the Fedora Collection.
  • extra open source standard cell libraries supporting a feature size of 0.13µm. (more than 300 MB)
  • extracted spice decks which can be simulated with gnucap/ngspice or any spice simulators.
  • interoperability between various packages in order to achieve different design flows.
  • It is intended for electronic, VLSI students and hobbyists for educational purposes.

A specialized spin such as this could be very useful for:

Analog/Digital Simulation
Circuit Simulations
Hardware Development (VHDL,Verilog)- Modeling, Designing, Simulation, Synthesis, Verification and Documentation
VLSI (layout, synthesis, Finite State Machines…)
Micro Controller (µC) Programming
Embedded Systems Development

One can download the Live CD torrent here.


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