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December 30, 2008

Alan Cox Leaves Red Hat, Joins Intel

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An email on December 23, 2008 from Alan Cox explains his move from Red Hat to Intel:

Subject: Moving on from Red Hat

I will be departing Red Hat mid January having handed in my
notice. I’m not going to be spending more time with the family,
gardening[1] or other such wonderous things. I’m leaving on good terms
and strongly supporting the work Red Hat is doing. I’ve been at Red Hat
for ten years as contractor and employee and now have an opportunity to
get even closer to the low level stuff that interests me most. Barring
last minute glitches I shall be relocating to Intel (logically at least,
physically I’m not going anywhere) and still be working on Linux and free
software stuff.

I know some people will wonder what it means for Red Hat engineering. Red
Hat has a solid, world class, engineering team and my departure will have
no effect on their ability to deliver.

[1] I note that both the family and garden probably think I should


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