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April 3, 2013

Resource for Tracking Stolen Guitars

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I stumbled across the other day. It caught my attention because of a video from Dweezil Zappa. Instead of writing a bunch of wordy explanations I’ll just let you watch Dweezil ‘splain it to you much better than I ever could. Anyway … sign up and follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

There is a slight inconvenience for non-UK guitarists. Upon registration one is given “1” credit allowing one guitar to be presented with up to 8 photos. If you have additional guitars and wish to list them you must purchase additional credits ( 1 per instrument) via PayPal. The inconvenient part is the fees are listed in British £’s.


The Buy Credits Page at TheGuitarVaults

The first guitar you registered was without charge. You may now purchase credits to allow registration of additional guitars in theguitarvaults.

By purchasing credits you will be able to create additional guitar profiles in the same format as your first registered guitar. These will appear alongside that guitar on your personal profile page and can be viewed by anyone visiting theguitarvaults.

You do not have to register all of the guitars for which you have purchased credits at the same time. The credits will remain on your account indefinitely, allowing you to register additional guitars in the future up to your credit limit. Your personal profile will continue to show how many unused credits you have available. Credit charges are once only. You will not have to pay regular subscriptions in order to maintain the guitar profiles in theguitarvaults.

In order to purchase credits to register up to an additional 5 guitars the charge will be £2.

In order to purchase credits to register up to an additional 20 guitars the charge will be £5.

Deleting a guitar from your profile (for example following sale) will not increase the number of credits you have available. The charge is for the process of registration of guitars and does not reflect the amount of guitars you hold within your profile at any one time.

Purchasing additional credits in the future will be charged on the same basis and will not reflect how many guitars you have registered in total historically in theguitarvaults. However, theguitarvaults reserves the right to change the structure and cost of purchasing additional credits at any stage in the future. You will be notified by email in advance of any changes due to take place to any future purchase of credits.


It would have been considerate to list currency for US registrants as well! But that’s a minor complaint and not a deal breaker.

Sign up your gear!!!!


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