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May 23, 2013

EMS Week May 19-25, 2013

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This week, May 19th through 25th, marks EMS Week in the United States.

EMS Week celebrates and honors the hundreds of thousands of EMS practitioners serving our communities across the nation.

One Mission, One Team

One Mission, One Team


May 2, 2013

Blog Is Back Up!

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I got home this afternoon and found that this blog had been disabled by WP. There was a message saying that I had somehow violated their Terms of Service. The informational notice I was able to access explained that if I felt they had made a mistake to contact them. I did so immediately and am pleased to know that within an hour or two the blog was once again operational.

As per the response I received the blog was flagged by their automated spam controls. They reviewed my blog and lifted the suspension.

While I appreciate their tenacity toward blog spam I do think there should be a method to notify and review before a suspension is levied. I’ve operated this personal blog since 2006 and would really hate to have the time spent on it wasted over silly mistakes. At any rate I’m back up and running and have no hard feelings toward WordPress. In fact I am very pleased at the quick reply and attention they gave to this issue once I got home and contacted them.

May 1, 2013

Henry Lee Summer – I Know How You Feel

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This live version of “I Know How You Feel” is my favorite Henry Lee Summer song.

(From the YouTube Description: Henry Lee Summer 1989 Live “I’ve Got Everything” tour. Musicians Tony Bowles (guitar), Gene Boccia (bass), Michael Organ (drummer), Doug Sisemore (keyboards), Mimi Mapes (vocal), Sheila Lawrence (vocal), Henry Lee Summer (vocal, acoustic guitar). First song of last show – tour with the Doobie Brothers. Recorded at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA Oct 7 1989. Audio distortion and glitch at 4:20 are on the original video tape.)


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