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June 11, 2013

Gibson Guitar Corp. Changes Name

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GibsonThe Tennessean is reporting that the Gibson Guitar Corporation is changing it’s name to Gibson Brands. Personally I think they should have chosen a name that pays better respect to the rich tradition that this music instrument icon has enjoyed for over 120 years. I would have thought that they would have opted for a shorter more elegant name.

Gibson®” should have been the obvious choice as the logo to the left illustrates. Simple, elegant, and already well established in the music industry.

The companies bought up by Gibson could simply add something like “A Gibson® Company” somewhere around their logos to establish the connection between the various non-guitar related entities and the parent. Maybe I’m just an old fashioned traditionalist. That being said when tradition is part of your identity one shouldn’t go screwing with it now.

Curiously when I ran across this news article I quickly navigated over to the Gibson website and found no mention of the change as of the time of this posting.

I for one hope this is erroneous journalism by the Tennessean. If this proves to be accurate I sure hope we don’t start seeing “Gibson Brands” for the logo inlay on any headstock.

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  1. Confirmed and official. They finally posted something at:

    Comment by S. Kindley — June 11, 2013 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  2. I come here as a lover of the sound of a good Gibson, also that of Linux and then I needed paramedics a few times in my life. Let me get educated here on this excellent masterpiece called a Gibson guitar.

    Having grown up without the means to own a guitar and having had to work in the garden while my friends picked at strings, I never progressed beyond the “ostinatum interlude” or intro riff to Smoke On The Water. Like most teens did way back in the 1970’s. My uncle’s Les Paul stood untouched and also out of bounds, only to be eaten by rats. Dessert to the vermin was a Marshall amp. Next to these, a Lowry organ slowly became rat food.

    I have been a “DJ” back in the mid- to end 1970’s and also acted as “stage tech” for two different bands. Gibsons were played and that is where my exposure to this excellent brand came in real life. Fender only caught my attention a decade later, if not more.

    Mark Knopfler uses a Les Paul for “Money for Nothing.” The same song was played by Mark when he was in concert with Eric Clapton and Nathan East. There, Mark did use a Stratocaster instead. It killed the song in a bad way as it sounded dull/flat.

    I know an excellent guitarist called Donovan Copley who uses guitars made from oil cans, but also his Strat. I can hear that artists get the tiniest, “technical” notes out of a Strat, like Eric Clapton also does. There is a dimension to the sound that a Gibson has, this is just missing from a Strat. As I did very basic study of wave forms back in high school almost 4 decades ago, I try to figure out what may cause the difference in sound. It is after all, good wood and materials being used by both brands. I also like both and I also frequently experience local artists playing Cort or Yamaha. All good, but none other has that full, creamy rich sound of a good Gibson.

    Is it my imagination, as many artists suggest, or is there a little secret in how a Les Paul is made?

    Comment by Pieter being blessed beyond recognition :) — August 22, 2013 @ 8:10 am | Reply

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