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March 29, 2017

Update March 2017

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I’m still around. I still enjoy guitars and working as a Paramedic. I’m not really involved in software development and/or Linux anymore sadly. I just have too many things going on at once. My other long time passion that had to take a backseat to other obligations are firearms.

I have several firearms and carry concealed on a daily basis. I’m not certain how the topic of firearms sits with WordPress but I intend to find out soon. Hopefully it won’t be prohibited.

I’ve always had a personal policy to only post content when I had something to say. Until now I’ve pretty much said everything I wanted to say about Guitars, Paramedics, and Linux if, and until, something pops up that piques my interest.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the traffic to my article on login restrictions on Fedora Core 6 and articles on guitar neck profiles. I’m simply amazed at how much interest is still around concerning both subjects.

The login article has enjoyed the most views simply because I published it over 10 years ago when no one else was working on solutions like that for Linux. I’ve retraced my own steps and repeated the process with newer “RH” type distributions (and even a Debian based one) with only minor adjustments but have long since lost interest in doing it again.

Today my articles on guitar neck profiles are catching up in popularity with that Linux login article. It doesn’t carry the same personal satisfaction for me because it isn’t something I figured out on my own. These articles are merely compilations of data and specifications gathered from research and other people’s work. Hence the “in article” citations for sources.

In the future I hope to focus more content based on my experiences working the street as a Paramedic and, if allowed, new content concerning firearms and 2A issues.

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