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March 30, 2013

Oppression of the Boston Music Scene: Implications go way beyond noise control

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When I first read about this article on Slashdot I thought humm, someone is throwing parties for underage kids with drugs, alcohol, and hookers or something. So I clicked on over to the actual article published at As I read the article it became clear that the Boston police were targeting the music scene for some reason. I am not going to address the methods they are using to seek out live music people are performing. I’ll leave that to another argument.


Forget for a moment a scenario where a local band is playing at a backyard gathering and a neighbor calls the police to complain about loud music and read the actual ordinance. Pay particular attention to section 16-27.2 of the ordinance. It defines a ‘gathering’ as, ” … a party or event where two or more persons have assembled for a social occasion or social activity.” A PDF reader is required to read the copy of the ordinance I have available. Boston-Docket-1052-Revised-1.



March 29, 2013

Gibson Guitar Announces Agreement to Make Strategic Investment in TEAC

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TEAC to become part of the Gibson family.

To read the press release click (more…)

March 27, 2013

Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest. Do you know the difference?

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Do you know the difference between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest? Most people use the terms interchangeably when in fact they are two different things. Instead of typing up something that is easily read somewhere else I’ll simply link to an article from the American Heart Association as well as put up a couple of graphics to illustrate the main differences in a visual way.


March 25, 2013

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot™ Pickups for Stratocaster

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I love these pickups. They are scatter-wound and seem so much warmer than the stock Fender Custom Shop pickups my Strat came with. The bridge pickup is hotter than the stock Fender Custom Shop Fat 50’s by a large margin but not so hot that bass response it lost. Since the middle pickup is reverse wound and reversed polarity one can expect noiseless performance in the second and fourth switch positions.

Seymour Duncan Texas Hot Antiquity Pickups

The stock Fat 50 output is rated at: 6.0K. Neck, 6.3K. Middle, 6.2K. Bridge.

The Antiquity Texas Hot™ neck position and RW/RP middle position: 6.3K., while the Texas Hot™ Custom Bridge pickup is: 9.7K.

To my ear these pickups accurately capture what I consider the epitome of single coil Stratocaster tone. While not for everyone I think these pickups are far superior to the stock Custom Shop Fat 50’s shipped by Fender on this guitar.


2010 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

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2010 American Standard Stratocaster

2010 American Standard Stratocaster

This is my 2010 Fender American Standard Stratocaster. I have modified this guitar with a set of Schaller strap locks and Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot pickups.

I’ll add more info and pictures on the Duncan Antiquity pickups later! Click ‘more’ to see a video and the factory specs.


2011 Fender American Standard Telecaster

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Fender Telecaster 3 Color Burst

Fender Telecaster 3 Color Burst

This is my 2011 60th Anniversary Fender American Standard Telecaster. This is the three color sunburst model in Ash. With the exception of the strap buttons mine is completely stock.

Click ‘more’ to see a demo video and the specs:


2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

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Gibson Les Paul Traditional

Gibson Les Paul Traditional

This is my 2012 Les Paul Traditional in Ice Tea Burst. This one is one of the more rare ones in that it has a 1 piece back. Most had two or more pieces. My LP is completely stock except for the addition of Schaller locking strap buttons. The Gibson model number is LPTD-ITCH1.

Click ‘more’ to see a demo video and the specs!


Resurrecting my blog

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I decided I would resurrect this blog. I’ve been primarily hanging out on Facebook with the little spare time I have but it’s becoming more and more hostile and I have no real control over content there.

Many things have changed for me since my last activity in 2009 so I figured I would see how things would work out if I started using this blog again.

If you are into guitars or EMS I hope you will find something here to talk about. If your a Linux fan you’ll be disappointed as I no longer do much with it outside of personal use. I’ve found things have changed so much in OSS and Linux that much better resources are available to you. I’ll keep the old Linux/OSS content for reference.



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